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Time for a change

October 3, 2012

I know this is long overdue, but I’ve finally revamped and updated my portfolio! I started this site back when I was in school in third year, telling myself I’d get it done long before grad show so I wouldn’t have to worry about it when the time came. Yay for pre-planning, because that really paid off. Unfortunately, once I did graduate and found myself in the working world, I pretty much ignored my online portfolio. Well, no more! I promised myself I’d be more diligent about it this time around (only time will tell).

I took the opportunity to dive into the world of responsive design. As a designer, I found it to be a completely different mindset. That is, considering a number of screens/devices in my head while planning. Interaction design has always been where my interests lie, so it was an excellent exercise for myself. As a developer, I found it to be a lot more math than I was used to. All my previous designs had always been a fixed grid, rather than fluid, so this was another area of experimentation for me. I’m sure the site still has a few bugs here and there, so I apologize for that in advance.

Anywho, enjoy poking around the site and check out the work. It’s a combination of work I’ve done over the last few years at my day job, freelance, fun, etc. Let me know


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