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Veronica Wong


April 28, 2012

TAXI‘s latest launch is for Castor, a Canadian design company that specializes in some pretty unique furniture. I didn’t personally have the pleasure of working on this project, but I watched many of my fellow coworkers work on this over the last few months. The result is a beautifully designed website with an extremely rich user experience. It speaks to Castor’s eclectic designs and gives insight to their inspirations and inner workings.

In order to achieve the level of detail that can be seen on the site, a GigaPan was used to capture a series of images at amazing quality, which were then stitched together to see the image you see on the site. The shelving unit contains items that the Castor founders, Kei Ng and Brian Richer, draw inspirations from. Hidden among these items are menu items that give more insight to the company and the products they sell. Easter eggs are also hidden among the items to provide an fun and engaging way for the user to interact with the site.

The beauty doesn’t stop there; the mobile experience is just as impressive. Rather than taking the website and simply shrinking it down to fit a mobile device, the experience was blown up instead. Using an iPhone or an iPad, users can actually navigate a life-sized shelf with the built in accelerometer capabilities. Imagine looking through your device as if it were a window to this shelf, and to look around the shelf, all you’d have to do is move around (just like in real life!)

I personally enjoy the iPad experience a lot more than the iPhone. It provides a bigger viewing area, allowing you to see more of the shelf and more context. However, I do encourage you to try out both if you can!

Great job to the team of people that worked on this project, you really deserve it.

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